Kaitki Agarwal

Kaitki Agarwal

Co-founder and President

Kaitki Agarwal is the Co-founder and President at A5G Networks. Before A5G Networks, Kaitki was the chief product officer at Parallel Wireless and led product and operations. Kaitki co-founded Parallel Wireless in 2012. She led the disruption of the traditional RAN market with open RAN movement. She established global operations in the US, India, UK, and Israel and grew the team to 500+.
She created a culture of innovation and has 50+ patents pending and granted.
Before founding Parallel Wireless, Kaitki was at Starent Networks. She led the multimedia team and architecture for various packet gateways and VoLTE products and led customer engagements with several customers wins.
Kaitki has a strong track record of innovation and leading disruptions. She led CS voice to VoIP disruption at CedarPoint communications and Excel Switching that went IPO, followed by acquisition by Lucent.

Kaitki holds MBA from Babson College and BS in computer science from IIT Roorkee.